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2014 Staff

Squadron Commander: Capt Robert Orr
Deputy Commander for Seniors: Maj Sandra Feliciano
Deputy Commander for Cadets: Capt Frank Panek
Safety Officer: 1st Lt Corey Stephens
Emergency Services Officer: SM Kevin Boyd
Operations Officer: Lt Col Shelton Davis
Communications Officer: 1st Lt Dennis Webb
Health Services Officer: Capt Frank Panek
Aerospace Education Officer: Maj Dirk Stansbury
Asst. Aerospace Education Officer: Capt Frank Panek
Professional Development Officer: Maj Sandra Feliciano
Character Development Instructor: Maj Gary Gourley
Personnel Officer: 1st Lt Frances Webb
Assistant Personnel Officer: Capt Robert Orr
Administrative Officer: Capt Robert Orr
Public Affairs Officer: 2nd Lt Fred Kemman
Supply Officer: Capt Lawrence Dean
Transportation Officer: 1st Lt Dennis Webb
Assistant Transportation Officer: Maj Steve Petty
Counterdrug Officer: Capt Lawrence Dean
Finance Officer: 2nd Lt Jon McNay
Drug Demand Reduction Officer: 1st Lt Dennis Browne
Testing Officer: Capt Frank Panek
Assistant Testing Officer: 2nd Lt Allyson Mason
Assistant Testing Officer: Capt David Hill
Information Technology Officer: Maj Steve Petty
Cadet Commander: C/Capt Dustin Smith
Cadet Deputy Commander: C/1stLt Nicole Orr
Cadet Executive Officer: C/1stLt Zach Bowman
Cadet First Sergeant: C/SMSgt Brady Haden

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